Photo One
Symposium 1 - Fundamental understanding of transition metal oxides (theory and experiment)

- Spin-orbital-charge-lattice entanglement in correlated materials
- Magnetoelectronics and spintronics based devices
- Ferroics and multiferroics
- Engineering electronic properties of transition metal oxides
- Composites, multilayers, strain induced phenomena
- Topological electronic states in oxides.

Symposium 2 - Growth of transition metal oxide samples:

Large area growth of oxides film
Epitaxial Growth of oxides on Si and other electronic substrates
Real-time monitoring of oxide thin film growth
Interface physics in complex oxides and heterostructures
Bottom-up and Top-down approaches to the synthesis of metal oxides nanostructures
Theoretical modeling of epitaxial growth, interfaces and microstructures / nanostructures
Advances in characterization techniques for probing the growth of oxide materials
Bulk Crystal Growth of transition metal oxides
Nanocrystallisation and Nanoporous Crystals
Synthesis of substrate single crystals and bicrystals for oxide-based devices.

Symposium 3 - Towards applications of Transitions metal oxides

- Nanoionics
- Solar cells
- Nanoelectronics
- Multiferroics
- Batteries
- Ferrolectrics
- Thermoelectrics
- Fuel cells.